Olive Council Calls ‘Add Some Life’ Campaign a Success

The International Olive Council credited a $1.7 million promotion campaign with immediately boosting North American olive oil imports.

Olive Oil Campaign Gets a Life in New York

It may not be much to work with, but with a $1.7 million dollar allowance from the Olive Council, the new "Add Some Life" promotional campaign hopes to at least make eating olive oil a little cooler.
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Barjol Calls for “Synergy” in New Olive Oil Promo Campaign

Calling the American market a "top priority," Olive Council Director Jean-Louis Barjol was in Washington to kick off a new $1.7M promotion campaign under the slogan "Add Some Life."

Council Chooses Exponent PR to Promote Olive Oil in North America

An IOC spokesperson said that having reviewed the six applications made last month, its Tenders Evaluation Committee had proposed Exponent PR as the successful bidder from three finalists.