Fines Against Olive Oil Futures Market Revealed

Serious breaches, including market manipulation, by the Madrid-based Olive Oil Futures Market were revealed today in a Spanish government bulletin.

Olive Oil Futures Market Notches Second Profitable Year

The decade-old Olive Oil Futures Market continued a good run largely thanks to increased price volatility.
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Increased Trade in Olive Oil Futures

The Olive Oil Futures Market booked a €213,000 loss last year but its fortunes turned around in the first quarter of this year as movements in olive oil prices sparked even more trade.

More Eyes on Olive Oil Futures Market

The olive oil futures market in Madrid said traffic to its web page increased five-fold in September amid the recent price tension.
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Tough Time for Spain’s Olive Oil Stock Market

Between July 12 and August 12, sales transactions between producers and traders fell to 24,484 tons, representing a 53 percent drop from the previous month.

Stagnant Prices, Uncertainty Take Toll on Olive Oil Futures

Flat prices and economic uncertainty are dampening Spain's fledgling olive oil futures exchange, which last year got into the black for the first time.
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An Increase in the Trading of Olive Oil Futures

The trading of olive oil futures on the Spanish MFAO exchange market rose 54%.