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Spain’s Olive Oil Watchdog Reports Increase in Violations

Spain’s olive oil watchdog inspected hundreds of plants last season, recommending 17 fines -- up sharply from the previous year.

World Olive Oil Production Drops by a Quarter, Council Predicts

The forecast for this season's olive oil output has been lowered amid evidence the Spanish harvest will be even lower than expected.
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Olive Oil Production Plunges 60 Percent in Spain

Spain’s olive oil production is down 62 percent for the first four months of this season, according to recent reports.

Olive Oil Production and Consumption Down in Spain

First quarter olive oil production in Spain is down by more than a half, and domestic consumption has also fallen, the latest figures show.
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Producer Prices Climb Again in Spain

Olive oil prices in Spain finally fell in line with expectations and rose again last week, but there was not much oil being sold.

Spain’s Olive Oil Agency Monitors Product Traceability

More than 20 plants involved in the production or packaging of olive oil or table olives in Spain were found to have no system of product traceability.
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Producer Prices Rally in Spain

The farmgate price for olive oil is finally on the up in world production leader Spain, which some are attributing to expectations that after three years of bumper harvests the next will be a lean one.

Andalusia Conference on the Future of Traditional Olive Oil Production

Representatives from Spain’s Ministry of Rural and Marine Environment (MARM) met in Jaén this week to discuss the many challenges facing the country’s traditional olive oil industry.