Olives New Zealand (ONZ)

The Demise of Olive New Zealand’s Sensory Panel

The Executive of Olives New Zealand (ONZ) has recently announced that it will no longer run the assessment for its OliveMark certification programme in New Zealand.

New Zealand Says “No Thanks” to New Olive Oil Standards

As Australian olive oil celebrated new voluntary standards making it more difficult for European exporters to do business there, its sibling isn't along for the ride.
Special Report

Kapiti Olives Wins Best in Show at New Zealand Competition

Winning the award "confirms that our olive oil is consistently world class and gives reassurance to our customers that they are getting a truly premium product.” Graeme Harris

Understanding the New USDA Olive Oil Standards

Next month new USDA standards for olive oil go into effect. Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne and Paul Vossen address common questions about what the standards mean for producers.