New Project Could Turn Olive Oil Byproducts Into Revenue Stream

Olive oil pomace and wastewater are broken down into protein and phenolic isolates, both of which can be used in various industrial applications from pet foods to cosmetics.

Environmentally Friendly Bioplastics Created From Olive Seeds

The idea to create olive-based plastics was sparked when Duygu Yilmaz decided to research whether her father's habit of eating olive seeds was detrimental to his health.
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New Torrefaction Process Reduces Transportation Costs for Biomass

Researchers at Fraunhofer IGB developed an improved torrefaction process to make use of olive biomass.

Olive Oil Byproducts Used to Improve Properties of Foods

Research reveals new uses for olive oil production byproducts that can improve the quality of other foods down the line.
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Spanish Co. Fills Pillows with Recycled Olive Pits

Olive pits and charcoal help with breathing while contouring to the head and neck and activating more than 40 acupuncture points, the company claims.

Community in Spain Collects Used Olive Oil to Make Soap

An innovative program seeks to reuse the leftover quantities of various oils used in Spanish cooking and convert them to soap and other useful purposes.