Richard Gawel

New Zealand Says “No Thanks” to New Olive Oil Standards

As Australian olive oil celebrated new voluntary standards making it more difficult for European exporters to do business there, its sibling isn't along for the ride.

Gawel: IOC Response to Olive Oil Standards More “Rhetoric”

The Australian olive oil expert said that in criticizing the proposed standards the IOC failed to provide data to support its rationales such as how certain limits were set.
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Richard Gawel on a Tear

The noted expert and irreverent olive oil guy from Adelaide is known to lash out at bad olive oil, human rights affronts and whatever else annoys him.

Waxes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It took forever to settle under gravity, and after it solidified following a cold night, it refused to completely ‘melt’ into its natural fluid state after being warmed. My guess was that involved waxes.
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Judging EVOO Competitions Takes More than Just Tasting

While show judges are experienced EVOO tasters, Richard Gawel explains, the act of judging extra virgin olive oils requires a variety of skills to bring it all together.