Syria Says it Will Produce More Olive Oil this Year than Ever Before

Despite a raging civil war that has forced half its population to flee their homes, Syria is saying this will be a banner year for olive oil production.

U.S. Program Provides Hand Tools to Olive Oil Producers in Lebanon

A U.S. foreign aid program in Lebanon is providing mechanized tools and training for farmers to increase the competitiveness of Lebanese olive oil abroad.
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Olive Oil without Borders

A program to promote cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian farmers has been extended.

Production Unit Opens in Kilis, Turkey

An organic olive oil production unit will offer employment possibilities to the recently settled Syrian refugees.
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With Little Choice, Syrians Look to Ancient Olive Groves for Firewood

With the cold winter coming, people in Syria are forced to cut their olive trees for heating homes and makeshift shelters.

Among the Casualties in Aleppo, an Ancient Olive Oil Soap

Soap makers have fled the crumbling city and the fate of the renowned olive oil soap from Aleppo is uncertain.
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Producers in Lebanon Benefit from Reduced Syrian Imports

Olive farmers in Lebanon have achieved some advantage this year in the domestic market due to reduced imports from war-stricken Syria.

Syria Expects Record Olive Oil Production Amid Political Unrest

The Syrian Ministry of Agriculture has issued a statement announcing that favorable weather conditions are helping the olive harvest this season.