Neden 2020'de 'Ödül Galası' Olmayacak? NYIOOC

1,000 üretici tarafından ödenen pahalı bir parti oldu, ancak çok azı tarafından beğenildi.

Yavuz Arkan 2018'da Hermus Zeytinyağı Altın Ödülünü kabul etti NYIOOC
Ocak 29, 2020
By Curtis Cord
Yavuz Arkan 2018'da Hermus Zeytinyağı Altın Ödülünü kabul etti NYIOOC

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Each year after the judg­ing is com­pleted at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, one of the best parts of my job has been to rec­og­nize, one by one, the ded­i­cated pro­duc­ers who man­aged to craft the year’s best olive oils.

Everyone likes a great party, but there are bet­ter ways to rec­og­nize every­one who pro­duced one of the world’s best olive oils — whether they can make it to New York or not.

So it might come as a sur­prise that, for the -th baskısı NYIOOC, I have decided to scrap what some have referred to as the "Olive Oil Oscars.” It was a deci­sion, how­ever, based on the fun­da­men­tal mis­sion of the com­pe­ti­tion.

Participating in the NYIOOC is costly for pro­duc­ers, as is send­ing sam­ples from all parts of the world. Traveling to New York to accept a prize is even more so, which explains why less than ten per­cent of the pro­duc­ers who enter their brands in the com­pe­ti­tion have attended the gala.

New York'taki yıllık buluşmadan ne kadar zevk alsam da, her yıl aynı yüzleri gördüğümü fark ettim.

It was an expen­sive party paid for by - pro­duc­ers but enjoyed by very few of them.

Instead, for -, we have been invest­ing in new ways to cel­e­brate and rec­og­nize her award win­ner and raise aware­ness of the com­pe­ti­tion results around the world.

This year, the results of the judg­ing will be revealed in gerçek zaman, allow­ing pro­duc­ers and the pub­lic to fol­low and share these remark­able achieve­ments as they unfold.

Olive Oil Times yazarlar, paylaşma ve sendikasyon için optimize edilmiş en son haber makalelerinde kazanan yapımcıları rapor etmek için her bölgede hayran olacaklar.

We’re invest­ing in new fea­tures on the En İyi Zeytinyağları Endeksi, includ­ing the new perakende bulucu that will help every­one find an award-win­ning oil nearby.

And we’re expand­ing the Best Olive Oils Marketplace to Canada and Europe to help pro­duc­ers and their dis­trib­u­tors get their high-qual­ity olive oils into even more of the kitchens where they deserve to be.

The NYIOOC team never stops devel­op­ing new ways to cel­e­brate and rec­og­nize award-win­ning pro­duc­ers. Sometimes that means let­ting go of the old ways.

Everyone likes a good party, but we want to thank every­one who pro­duced the year’s best olive oils — whether they can make it to New York or not.

This year, for NYIOOC -, we’re going to do just that.


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