Lighten up Thanksgiving with extra virgin olive oil

Substituting butter and other fats for extra virgin olive oIl is a great way to lighten your holiday menu while adding fresh flavors to the classics.

Toss your vegetables in olive oil and seasoning, then spreading them evenly across a sheet pan and roasting them in a 350°F oven.

Try replacing half of the butter in your mashed potatoes this year with full-bodied, spicy olive oil. This helps add a unique flavor profile and keeps your favorite side dish lighter and airier than with just butter or cream.

Warm a cup of olive oil with fresh thyme and garlic, as well as other dry seasonings on the stove, and then brush the turkey with it throughout the roasting

Substituting olive oil for some of the butter in cakes and cookies you make the final product moister and lighter while giving it added shelf life