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10 Celebrities Who Love Olive Oil

Sep. 17, 2014
Chris Lindahl

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Rachael Ray

Last, but cer­tainly not least, is olive oil god­dess Rachael Ray whose play­ful use of the English lan­guage includes gems like Yum‑O” (yummy), GB” (garbage bowl), sam­mie” (sand­wich) and of course, the now-famous EVOO.”

EVOO” was added to The Oxford American College Dictionary in 2007, with the cook cred­ited as the phrase’s cre­ator.

In addi­tion to her cook­ing shows, Ray hosts a syn­di­cated day­time talk show, and has her own line of dog foods fea­tur­ing, you guessed it, EVOO.

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