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Plantação de mais de 300,000 Olive Trees Underway em Pothohar, Paquistão

Sob um plano de cinco anos iniciado em 2015, o departamento de agricultura da província de Punjab, no Paquistão, está fornecendo dois milhões de mudas de oliveiras gratuitas para os agricultores na região de Pothohar.

Jul. 28, 2016
Por Isabel Putinja

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Under a five-year plan ini­ti­ated in 2015, the agri­cul­ture depart­ment of Pak­istan’s Pun­jab province is pro­vid­ing two mil­lion olive saplings free of charge to farm­ers in the Potho­har region. The aim of the Olive Val­ley Project é desenvolver a região como uma região olivícola e promover a produção doméstica de azeite.

Potho­har (also often spelled Poto­har, Poth­war, Pot­war) is a large plateau region in north-east­ern Pak­istan cov­er­ing an area of 8,592 square miles. It has been iden­ti­fied as suit­able for olive pro­duc­tion because of its favor­able cli­mate and ideal topog­ra­phy. The pro­posed plant­ing area cov­ers an area of 15,100 acres, where 2,038,500 olive saplings will even­tu­ally be planted under the five-year project run­ning until 2020.

The Barani Agri­cul­ture Research Insti­tute (BARI) located in Pun­jab’s Chak­wal dis­trict, Pak­istan has already planted 337,500 olive trees in the region so far this year, while 48,600 were planted last year. The BARI local na rede Internet reveals that the mas­sive Olive Val­ley Project is not only pro­vid­ing olive saplings to local farm­ers, but also tech­ni­cal sup­port on olive grove man­age­ment and finan­cial sup­port for water resource devel­op­ment and drip irri­ga­tion.

The long-term objec­tives of the project are to pro­duce olive oil for export while cre­at­ing a sus­tain­able olive oil econ­omy which will also ben­e­fit the rural com­mu­ni­ties of the region. Pak­istan presently pro­duces 34 per­cent of the edi­ble oils it con­sumes domes­ti­cally and is forced to spend sig­nif­i­cant for­eign exchange on the import of edi­ble oil to meet domes­tic demand.

In order to meet this demand, the Pun­jab gov­ern­ment is also work­ing on increas­ing the pro­duc­tion of sun­flower oil. Mean­while, the export of azeite de alta qualidade could gen­er­ate sig­nif­i­cant for­eign exchange earn­ings. The five-year Olive Val­ley Project is expected to gen­er­ate rev­enue of 858 mil­lion Pak­istani Rupees ($8.2 mil­lion) in its ninth year, and a cumu­la­tive rev­enue of 39.1 bil­lion Pak­istani Rupees ($373.7 mil­lion) over a 25-year period.


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