Finding the right olive oil is easy if you remember these tips.

Make sure the olive oil you choose is fresh by finding a harvest date on the bottle.The harvest date should be within the past year. The more recent, the better.

Get it fresh

Choose Extra Virgin when...

You care about taste and you want the health benefits of a high-quality olive oil.


You don't mind paying a higher price.


You're not cooking with extremely high heat.


 Simone Botti   Le Fontacce

Know how good extra virgin olive oil should taste.

It should smell like fresh olives with some pleasant notes like freshly cut grass, herbs and arugula, for example.

It should not smell like things that aren't from the vegetable world, like cardboard, crayons or salami (yuk!).

A bitter taste and a peppery kick are good indications of the presence of healthy phenolic compounds.

Consider choosing one with a  Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (IGP)

Such indications mean the product meets the quality standards of a protected appellation.

Extra virgin olive oils can range from delicate to robust and assertive.

Use delicate oils when you don't want the fruity tastes to stand out.

Use a robust oil when you want the fruity peppery notes to shine through.

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