Behold the new banner under which Spain plans to go forth and conquer more olive oil trade.

spanish-olive-oil-gets-new-lookNew logo for promotional activities by the Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español unveiled this week

Launched this week by the non-profit interbranch organization which promotes Spanish olive oils, the Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español, the new logo is intended to improve product positioning, increase sales and “reinforce the image of Spain as the undisputed world leader in this sector.”

The logo will be used on all the organization’s promotions in Spain and abroad.

Image to capture tradition and modernity

Above the words “Olive Oils from Spain” – so far in Spanish or English – the design is intended to “convey a series of positive values about Spain’s olive oils,” the organization said in a press release.

“It transmits leadership with a simple yet powerful image combining the traditional and the modern – two concepts which define our sector and the intrinsic flexibility and versatility of olive oils,” it said.

The new logo was seen at this week’s Salón de Gourmets in Madrid

The yellow is intended as a reminder of Spanish origin, the round outline to suggest solidity and soundness, and the ‘o’ for olive with the depiction of oil are a literal representation of the product.

Olive oil exports falling, imports rising in Spain

Since the organization began to promote Spanish olive oils in 2008, exports have grown by a third, tripling in India and expanding five-fold in China.

But the launch comes at a difficult time for the sector in Spain. In the final throes of its worst harvest in a decade, both domestic consumption and exports are down this season. Imports are up, and an expected surge in ex-mill prices has failed to materialize to console farmers. Buyers in big markets such as Italy are said to be taking advantage of more competitively priced Greek and Tunisian olive oils.

But the new logo – designed by the Morillas branding agency – will help position Spanish olive oils at the top of the global market, the Interprofesional said.

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