Jul. 9, 2024

Enhancing Excellence: How the World's Best Restaurant Uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Locally sourced extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient for the Michelin-star chefs at Disfrutar Barcelona and their award-winning tasting menu.

Jul. 7, 2024

Portuguese Producers Highlight Quality as the Cornerstone of Promotional Efforts

After achieving their second-biggest harvest ever, Portuguese producers celebrated impressive results at the World Olive Oil Competition.

Jul. 7, 2024

Yusuf Can Zeybek Repeats Kırkpınar Triumph

The 30-year-old defeated 2022’s de facto champion Mustafa Taş in a cautious but exciting final that went into overtime.

Jul. 1, 2024

Drought and Ill-Timed Rain Lead to Poor Harvest in Uruguay

Officials estimate production will be 72 percent below the five-year average, after an historic drought and a rainy harvest.

Jul. 1, 2024

Three Beloved Greek Dishes to Try This Summer

Fresh, seasonal ingredients are combined with the year’s extra virgin olive oil to create some of the most delicious summer dishes of Greek cuisine.

Jun. 27, 2024

The 1,000-Member Co-Op Taking on The Challenging Terrain of Northern Portugal

The members of the Agricultural Cooperative of Olive Growers of Murça farm the rugged terrain, working together to produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Jun. 25, 2024

Spanish Households Purchase More Sunflower Oil Than Olive Oil for the First Time

Falling olive oil sales are linked to reduced production and elevated prices, whereas sunflower oil has become more affordable during the same timeframe.

Jun. 25, 2024

Poets, Journalists, Researchers Awarded Literary Prize

Twelve awards were handed out in Rome for poetry, fiction and scientific research related to olive oil.

Jun. 15, 2024

Report Reveals Growing Number of Olive Producers in Northern Italy

Olive farming is shifting north in Italy as sustainability in a changing climate guides new ventures. Organic growing is also on the rise.

Jun. 12, 2024

Record Olive Oil Prices Drive Food Inflation in Greece

A study from the National Bank of Greece found that record olive oil prices were responsible for almost 50 percent of the increase in total food inflation.

Jun. 12, 2024

How Resilience and Passion Drive a Boutique California Producer

In less than four years, the couple behind Chateau de Luz has overcome climate extremes, pests and labor challenges to craft world-class extra virgin olive oil.

Jun. 12, 2024

Turkey Eases Export Ban Following Intense Lobbying

Turkish producers will be able to export 50,000 tons of bulk olive oil until November. With forecasts of bumper harvest, the sector wants the ban lifted completely.

Jun. 12, 2024

Proposal Would Ban Solar Panel Installation on Italy's Farmlands

Exemptions for agri-voltaic systems would still allow research and development of projects in olive groves to continue.


May. 29, 2024

Azerbaijan Joins Olive Council

Investors believe joining the International Olive Council will improve quality and standards in Azerbaijan while facilitating access to international markets.

May. 28, 2024

Spanish Olive Oil Sector Works to Develop Exports to China

As high prices change consumption habits in Europe, Spanish producers and exporters seek to promote olive oil consumption in the world’s second-largest economy.

May. 28, 2024

L’Olivo di Sant'Emiliano: A 1,800-Year-Old Symbol of Umbria's Olive Tradition

The millenary tree symbolizes the resilience of the central Italian region, with many of its cohorts damaged by repeated frost over the years.

May. 28, 2024

East Asian Producers Show Award-Winning Quality on World Stage

Producers from China and Japan combined to earn ten awards at the 2024 World Olive Oil Competition.

May. 28, 2024

Monte do Camelo Wins Big with Sustainably Grown Native Varieties

The small-scale Portuguese producers earned a Silver Award at the 2024 NYIOOC for a Galega monovarietal. The company focuses on growing native olives sustainably.

May. 28, 2024

Spanish Olive Oil Production Continues to Beat Expectations

While this year’s yield remains significantly below the five-year average, it exceeded initial expectations by 11 percent and surpassed last year’s historically poor harvest by 28 percent.

May. 28, 2024

Researchers Transform Olive Grove Waste Into Bioplastic

Turning olive tree leaves and branches into biopolymers would provide environmental, economic and social benefits to olive farmers.

May. 28, 2024

Greek Producers Celebrate Successful Finish to Historically Low Harvest

Farmers and millers in Greece earned 56 awards at the 2024 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition after the worst harvest in a decade.