Sep. 26, 2023

The Story Behind Starbucks Oleato

Starbucks shocked the world by putting olive oil in its coffees. Tommaso Asaro says it's just the beginning.

Sep. 26, 2023

How Monovarietal Olive Oils Promote Ecological Farming, Safeguard Landscapes

Producing monovarietal extra virgin olive oil promotes endemic varieties, which require fewer phytosanitary interventions, preserve landscapes and promote biodiversity.

Sep. 14, 2023

Olive Oil Prices Soar on Drought and Poor Harvests, Impacting Consumers Worldwide

Olive oil prices are soaring due to drought and poor harvests in major producing countries with varying impacts in different regions.

Aug. 24, 2023

Best Southern Hemisphere Olive Oils to Be Unveiled

The first winners will be announced on Monday, September 4th at 9:00 AM (EDT).

Aug. 17, 2023

Chemistry Takes Center Stage at Olive Center Course

The workshop is an opportunity to get practical, hands-on experience at a state-of-the-art laboratory

Jul. 25, 2023

Olive Oil Producer Raises €500K Through Crypto Bonds

Lamar Olive Oil raised the money by issuing blockchain-based bonds denominated in the EUROe stablecoin, which is backed by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Jun. 13, 2023

European Bird Populations Threatened by Intensive Farming, Study Finds

Eliminating habitats and prey and the increasing use of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides have contributed to the dramatic decrease in Europe’s birdlife.

Jun. 8, 2023

Exploring the History of Tuscany’s Iconic Olive Landscape

While evidence of the first olive trees in the iconic Italian region date back to the 14th century, the proliferation of olive oil culture started centuries later.

Jun. 6, 2023

Record Temperatures Will Threaten Global Food Supply, Scientists Warn

The Mediterranean region is expected to experience extensive consequences of increasing temperatures and changing precipitation patterns.

Jun. 5, 2023

Farmers and Consumers React to Rising Olive Oil Prices

As drought pushes production prices up across the Mediterranean, farmers and consumers adapt.

Jun. 5, 2023

Goya Spain GM Says the Global Olive Oil Sector Potential Lies with Young Consumers

Antonio Carrasco believes olive oil brands must define themselves through quality while communicating these values to young people.

May. 31, 2023

First-Time NYIOOC Winners Find New Opportunities

From increased media coverage to easier access to lucrative foreign markets, first-time winners at the World Olive Oil Competition reflect on the results of their hardwork and success.

May. 17, 2023

Global Olive Oil Production Predicted to Rebound

USDA economists project that production will rise in Europe and Tunisia.


Feb. 5, 2023

Spain's 2022 Olive Oil Sales only Slightly Lower than Expected

Olive oil sales in Spain hold relatively steady despite the many problems and price increases throughout 2022.

Feb. 4, 2023

Europe Launches Initiative to Save Pollinators

The newly-proposed strategy aims at stopping the decline in pollinators by creating a ban on some pesticides and passing new agricultural measures.

Jan. 18, 2023

Summer 2022 Was Europe's Hottest on Record

The last eight years on Earth have been the hottest on record, with climate extreme weather events increasing significantly in 2022.

Jan. 17, 2023

Groundwater Resources Recharge Faster than Previously Estimated

Research sheds light on the recharge rate of groundwater resources, which has important implications for the sustainable use of underground aquifers.

Jan. 17, 2023

Olive Trees Combat Air Pollution, New Research Shows

VegPM, a Tuscan research project, proves that certain tree species can combat air pollution from particulate matter (PM) and improve air quality in urban environments.

Jan. 5, 2023

Nations Sign COP15 to Protect the Future of Biodiversity

The United Nations conference closes its doors after more than ten days of intense negotiations. The resulting agreement aims to increase biodiversity and restore ecosystems.

Dec. 30, 2022

Olive Council Forecasts Significant Production Decline

Olive oil production is expected to fall to 2.73 million tons in the 2022/23 crop year, largely due to drought and inclement weather in the Mediterranean.

Dec. 12, 2022

In Brescia, Neglected City Olives Get Harvested

A group of citizens came together to harvest olives from trees throughout the city of Brescia and make olive oil.