North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA)

Special Report

Importers and California Producers Begin a Dialogue in Davis

In an unlikely meeting, California olive oil producers met with major olive oil importers at U.C. Davis to find common ground.

Olive Oil Importers Say Trade Commission Report ‘Fell Short’

The North American Olive Oil Association said the USITC report "fell short of the objective analysis that Congress requested."
Special Report

Cold Press: The Media Pile-On After the Davis Olive Oil Report

The Davis report's bashing of imported olive oils has enjoyed the kind of viral publicity only eye-grabbing headlines like "That Olive Oil's No Virgin" could achieve. But is it fair?

Industry Group Responds to UC Davis Olive Oil Report (Press Release)

"Through our ongoing, rigorous testing of olive oils, I assure you that the imported olive oils sold by our members are labeled correctly" Bob Bauer, NAOOA