Hojiblanca By HOJIBLANCA S.A

    Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:

    Among extra virgin olive oils there are differences which can be appreciated by just tasting them. We encourage you to have a tasting session. All you need is some nice bread and a little bit of Hojiblanca on a plate, to discover the secrets of extra virgin olive oil:
    The Hojiblanca variety is picked at its optimum ripeness. Combined with a bouquet of refreshing but subtle green grass and ripe fruits, it has a slightly bitter and spicy taste, which gives these olives their unique and distinctive character.

    An oil with a distinctive character but at the same time mild and calm, it combines perfectly with all types of dishes. It provides a good aromatic base to very elaborate dishes as well as that special touch to salads and cold dishes. Ideal to cook with, it enriches the taste of any dish, providing its own nuances.
    A versatile and delicious oil to use either raw or in cooking, as well as for frying and grilling meats and vegetables.

    Company History:

    HOJIBLANCA is a union of 35,000 families owning 300,000 hectares of olive grove, It has 95 cooperatives located in SPAIN, in the middle of Andalusia.

    We are proud to say that we are the largest producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world and that Hojiblanca is the No.1 brand in Spain. Hojiblanca is present in international markets, exporting their products to more than 70 countries.

    At the very beginning Hojiblanca made a decision to sell only the best quality  – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    We have built up a highly qualified and well-equipped technical team to make sure our oil is the best we can possibly make it and consistently so.

    It seems many people do not realise Spain is the biggest producer of olive oil in the world, accounting for approximately half of the world’s production. Spain has an olive oil culture and tradition stretching back 2000 years, to the Romans. Our region, Antequera, is at the very heart of Spain’s olive groves. I think you’ll agree that we know a thing or two about olive oil.

    Production Methods:

    In Hojiblanca, we take care of the fruit from its blossom until the harvesting of the olives in their prime ripeness; this is the first step in achieving good olives and the optimum quality of extra virgin olive oils. The combination of traditional methods of harvesting – beating with a stick and hand picking – with the most technologically advanced ones, allows us to start the elaboration process at the same time as the harvesting. In this way, our fruits enter into the production process right after being picked from the tree, an essential factor for obtaining a good extra virgin olive oil.

    We undergo in-depth controls of the process and we have computer systems that allow us to keep the traceability from the packed product to the treetable olives.

    Integrated production uses compatible techniques for protecting and improving the environment, natural resources, genetic diversity and the conservation of the soil and countryside.

    Integrated Productions aims to achieve the following:

    For consumers: To guarantee safe, healthy, high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a traceable provenance.

    For our farmers: To keep our olive groves, our families and communities economically viable and sustainable; and to ensure a safe working environment.

    For the environment: To conserve and improve soils, water resources, biodiversity and our rural environment.

    We employ experts to help us implement and monitor our Integrated Production system.

    As as result of Integrated Production we can guarantee our olives will contain zero pesticides and herbicides at harvest time.

    HOJIBLANCA GROUP has its own crop and is the biggest producer of extra virgin olive oil and table olives in the world. It has 95 cooperatives located in Spain, in the middle of Andalusia. 65,000 associated farmers, 6 Packing facilities. Our Quality Control Department is approved by the IOC (of just 15 in the world).

    Packing Facilities are BRC, IFS, and Kosher Certified.

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