What Has Fashion To Do With Olive Oil?

What Has Fashion To Do With Olive Oil? | Olive Oil Times
Norma Kamali in her Wellness Cafe

My bio will say I’ve won numerous fashion design awards and that I have been in this ever-changing business since 1967. It will also say that I have celebrity clients, but it does not say that the one constant in my life has always been olive oil. As far back as I can remember, my mother had a solution for everything with olive oil.

If you think about it, even the olive branch is the gesture for peace.

I plan to share everything I’ve learned in my search for the best olive oils in the world that began over 11 years ago. Since then, I have incorporated olive oil and other timeless products and ideas into my lifestyle, to be more well and to build a powerful immune system.

Olive oil to me is God’s gift to our planet.

I plan to tell you about my adventures in the search for the best oils in my posts, along with all the common and unusual uses for olive oil.


Fashion is about trends and fast-moving style. Anything that is timeless transcends trends and fashion, and is the most modern approach to life. From clothing that transcends time, like Audrey Hepburn in that little black dress, to olive oil that dates as far back as the bible, feeding and nurturing humanity.

Not only does olive oil nourish, it has an extraordinary ability to enhance life, increase the quality of it, and most likely, extend it.

It can enhance beauty, improve health and regularity, and with a warm olive oil massage then bath, it increases the chance for a romantic evening when it is used as a lubricant.

I say try it for anything and everything on everyone in your family…. I will share all of my secrets with you.


Editor’s note: We are pleased to welcome legendary fashion designer Norma Kamali who will share her unique point of view on this subject as a regular contributor to Olive Oil Times. It gives us great pride that Ms. Kamali, known throughout the world as an innovative designer who has always “followed her own path,” recognizes the value of olive oil in her life and has decided to express that in our pages.

Read more about Ms. Kamali in this New York Times article.

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  • Karina

    Leave it to Norma Kamali to say it like this: “Anything that is timeless transcends trends and fashion, and is the most modern approach to life.”  Bravo, Ms. Kamali. I look forward to your posts in OOT – one of my favorite foodie websites!

  • SteffieBNYC

    I’ll have what she’s having.

  • Paolo

    I love this perspective. Thank you Ms. Kamali.

  • Gina

    Love her and her sense of style.  I’m a maternity nurse in NYC and we tell our patients to use organic olive oil to help ease the soreness when starting to breastfeed. Bravo for olive oil.