Judge Orders Kangadis to Recall or Relabel Capatriti Products

A federal judge in New York gave Kangadis Foods, the marketer of Capatriti brand olive oils two choices: either recall its “100% Pure Olive Oil” products, or apply stickers to every tin notifying customers that what’s inside is not really olive oil at all.

In North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) v. Kangadis Food Inc., U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff denied a request by Kangadis to limit the recall and labeling to only stocks held at wholesalers, according to Law 360.

Capatriti brand products are sold in Walmart stores, and NAOOA estimated Kangadis sells about one million tins of “100% Pure Olive Oil” each year.

In its first-ever legal action against an olive oil company, NAOOA sued the makers of Capatriti products in February, accusing Kangadis Foods, which conducts business as The Gourmet Factory, of “unlawful, misleading and deceptive misbranding.”

Olive pomace oil is a refined product extracted from the byproducts of the first pressing, the leftover olive pits and pulp, using high heat and chemical solvents. ”Olive pomace oil is not allowed in any grade of olive oil under any standard in the world,” said Eryn Balch, executive vice president of the NAOOA.

The NAOOA first took interest in the Capatriti brand when it “observed significant price discrepancy in recent months,” said Balch. The lawsuit documents state that Capatriti’s “100% Pure Olive Oil” sold for one-third to one-half the prices of comparable products.

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This article was last updated November 23, 2014 - 2:50 PM (GMT-5)

  • KRB

    Good job NAOOA — keep going.

  • Asif Bokhari de Bustamante

    Why has this news item dissapeared?

  • Steven Rod

    Finally the Kangadis family are caught, , they ve been doing for Years, I cant beleive Walmart book sfrom them. Capatriti says the oils is from Italy and its from Turkey,Egypt. Hope justice do something about it

  • Peter Green

    Now Dennis Kangadis and Themis Kangadis uses a fake name to sell to U.S companies, its Jean Paul vila instead of Dennis Kangadis. they think we are all stupid . Capatriti italian olive oil ? its Turkish gentelman , the whole tin its a lie. The NAOO should mention this issue too

  • Olive Oil Producers

    The Gourmet Factory is a fraud