Third Edition of TerraOlivo Closes in Jerusalem

TerraOlivo, the international extra virgin olive oil competition held in Jerusalem, closed Friday setting new heights for its diversity of judges and the number and diversity of entries.

Meeting Up with Shimon Lavee, and The One About the Holy Tree

The former IOC president says only Spain will be able to, in the long run, compete with the efficiency of the Southern Hemisphere's modern processing.

Olive Farming Blooms in India’s Desert State

Gideon Peleg is the Israeli technical manager overseeing olive cultivation in Rajasthan. The first commercial yield from the Indo-Israel joint venture is expected this year.

Olive Oil an Important Part of the Festival of Lights

One of the most important rituals of the festival celebrates the miracle of the flask of olive oil that was supposed to last for one day but burned for eight.
Special Report

An Olive Oil Experiment in India

Saplings of high-yielding olives were brought from Israel, grown to a height of 1.5 meters in nurseries and then transplanted to the fields in Rajasthan.