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Aug. 19, 2014

Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil Compete for Indian Markets

As olive oil becomes more affordable within Indian population, rice bran oil, a popular staple, faces increasing competition.

Aug. 11, 2014

EU Funding to Boost Consumer Confidence in Olive Oil Quality

Increasing consumer and market confidence in olive oil quality is one of the desired impacts of a proposed fund.

Aug. 4, 2014

With No Deal on Olive Council’s Future, Europe Favors Treaty Extension

Lack of a deal on the future of the IOC means the treaty governing it is likely to be prolonged a year beyond its December expiration.

Oct. 24, 2013

Mouse in Olive Oil Cruet Spurs New Push For Ban

The discovery of a live mouse in an olive oil cruet in a Paris eatery has prompted new calls for the refillable containers to be banned from bar and restaurant tabletops.

Oct. 17, 2013

Concern in Europe Over New Olive Oil Standards

Europe’s olive oil sector is keeping a wary eye on the United States and Australia for any moves to introduce mandatory quality standards, the minutes of an E.U. consultation committee show.

Aug. 15, 2013

Mediterranean Food Producers See Red Over U.K. 'Traffic Light' Labels

Olive oil producers are concerned the United Kingdom’s “traffic-light” food labeling will see their flagship products rated unhealthy.

Jul. 11, 2013

Refillable Oil Bottles Banned in Spanish Bars and Restaurants

The Spanish government is preparing a royal decree banning refillable olive oil containers in restaurants and bars.

Jun. 13, 2013

Madrid Workshop Defines International Study on Olive Oil Fraud Detection

An international research project on olive oil authentication will be funded by the European Union.

May. 29, 2013

Spain Denies Request for Details of Olive Oil Audits

Spain has objected to a request to release details of its audits of the accuracy of olive oil labels.

May. 24, 2013

Cioloș On Europe's Olive Oil Backflip

European Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Cioloș explains why he froze his plan to ban refillable olive oil bottles from restaurants.

May. 23, 2013

Cioloş U-Turn Surprises Farmers' Union

The union representing European farmers from 36 countries blamed the Commissioner’s u-turn on political pressure.

May. 23, 2013

Refillable Olive Oil Bottle Ban Put On Ice

The European Commission has shelved its ban refillable bottles in restaurants in the face of “strong” consumer opposition.

May. 22, 2013

Widespread Backlash Over Refillable Olive Oil Bottle Ban

Europe's ban on refillable olive oil bottles has been described as silly, crazy, and likely to increase costs and waste.

May. 21, 2013

Decision Against Greece Upheld for CAP Violations

Greece will need to get by with $320 million less subsidies, after to a court found it failed to comply with CAP rules.

May. 16, 2013

Europe to Ban Refillable Olive Oil Cruets in Restaurants

Olive oil in restaurants and bars in Europe will have to be in properly-labeled, non-reusable containers from next year.

May. 2, 2013

Spanish Olive Oil Gets €8 Million for New Promotional Campaigns

The European Commission has allocated €8 million to the promotion of Spanish olive oil throughout the Europe and other markets around the world.

Apr. 23, 2013

Experts in Olive Oil Authentication Called to Madrid Workshop

Olive oil authentication will be under the spotlight at an invitation-only scientific workshop to be held in Madrid from June 10-11.

Mar. 8, 2013

Olive Oil Sector Eyes European Vote Next Week

Europe’s olive oil sector will come a step closer to knowing its fate when the full European Parliament votes in Strasbourg next week.