Making Olive Oil

European Union

High Hopes, Few Answers as Harvest Gets Underway in Italy

France Publishes Report on Xf in Corsica

The report confirmed plants to be infected by Xylella fastidiosa and citrus plants are not at risk from the particular strain.

Researchers Use Phages to Eradicate Disease Caused by Xylella Fastidiosa in Grapevines

A similar approach could be effective to treat and prevent Xf infections in olive trees, according to the researchers at Texas A&M University.

Restoring the Dignity of Mafia Lands

One group is farming lands once the domain of organized crime to produce organic olive oil dedicated to the young victims of a car bomb meant for a judge.
North America

Evo3 Supports Reforestation Projects in Africa

Stratis Camatsos focuses on high-quality extra virgin organic olive oil production and environmental projects with his new brand, evo3.

At Dievole, Extra Virgin Without Boundaries

In Tuscany, oil maker Marco Scanu is leading an ambitious project at Dievole estate, recently bought by a South American magnate.
Making Olive Oil

France Announces Measures to Contain Xylella Fastidiosa Outbreak in Corsica

Following a confirmed infection of the deadly bacterium, the French ministry of agriculture has announced measures to contain its spread.

India Says it Will Expand Olive Oil Production

Committing to a larger investment in the crop, the state government will increase the amount of land dedicated to olive tree cultivation.