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Jun. 6, 2012

Ávila Tasting Room Showcases International Selection of Olive Oils

The ancient olive mill, La Moraleda, of Santa Cruz del Valle in Andalucia, Spain, has opened an international tasting room in its Museum of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Mediterranean countries.

May. 22, 2012

Canena Castle Hosts 'Jaén Experience'

The first edition of "Jaen Experience" organized by the company Castillo de Canena Olive Juice was visited by over 1,000 people who enjoyed countless culinary delights.

Apr. 16, 2012

Born to Promote Andalusian Gastronomy and Tourism

The Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism brings together those who have worked for the quality and promotion of food, and its relationship to tourism.

Feb. 21, 2012

Innovative Study Analyzes Soil Loss in Andalusian Olive Groves

A joint study has analyzed soil loss in some olive groves in Granada planted 250 years ago in sloping areas

Feb. 6, 2012

A Pact to Protect the Andalusian Olive Grove

The Confederation of Employers of Andalusia (CEA), and the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation signed a collaboration agreement to protect and promote the Andalusian olive groves.

Jan. 29, 2012

The Active Museum of Olive Oil and Sustainability Opens in Jaén

The Andalusian Government, and the Provincial Council of Jaén, opened the Active Museum of Olive Oil and Sustainability today in Mengíbar.

Jan. 22, 2012

Olive Oil Takes Center Stage at Madrid Tourism Exhibition 'Fitur'

It was all about extra virgin olive oil at the international tourism fair, Fitur 2012, that took place in Madrid this week.

Jan. 20, 2012

Andalusia Announces Working Group on Olive Oil Quality Standards

Andalusia’s Minister of Agriculture and Fishing, Clara Aguilera asks the Environment Minister Miguel Arias Cañete to urge Brussels to activate private storage aid.

Dec. 11, 2011

The Núñez de Prado Obession with Perfection

The Núñez de Prado EVOOs are liquid testimony to the philosophy of the family behind them: respect for nature, and use of both the best artisanal methods and the most innovative modern technology.

Nov. 17, 2011

After Drought, Downpours Wash Away Catalonian Harvest

Drought reduced the potential olive harvest before widespread rain washed much of it to the ground - causing the loss of up to 70 percent of production.

Nov. 6, 2011

Spain's Olive Harvest Marked by Lower Yields, Too Many Workers

With hordes heading to Andalusia looking for work at harvest time many will be turned away this year, while low prices and yield will cause some farmers to let the olives rot.

Oct. 31, 2011

Some Relief for Dry Andalusian Olives

After 52 days of dry skies and above-average heat, Andalusia’s wrinkly olives finally relieved their thirst last week. But welcome though it was, the rain came too late to avoid some losses in non-irrigated areas of the region.

Oct. 11, 2011

Jaén Hoping for Rain as Olive Harvest Looms

It's autumn in Jaén, the center of world olive oil production, but unrelenting heat and four months without rain has fueled talk of a 30 percent fall in its olive harvest this year.

Oct. 5, 2011

Andalusia Fines 17 Producers €2,500 for Inferior Olive Oil

The inquiry started last November after analyses of 24 batches of cheap olive oil on sale in Jaén and Córdoba found the contents of some were inferior to that shown on the label.

Sep. 18, 2011

Spanish Prosecutors Seek Nine Years in Jail for Three Accused of Olive Oil Fraud

Spanish prosecutors are seeking nine years jail and fines of 8,760 euros ($12,000) each for three Andalusian businessmen accused of olive oil fraud and deceptive advertising.

Sep. 6, 2011

Sales of Packaged Organic Olive Oil from Andalusia Sharply Higher

Sales of packaged organic olive oil from Andalusia grew nearly 30 percent in 2010, almost equaling that of the region's bulk olive oil sales.

Aug. 14, 2011

Andalusian Minister Under Fire for Blaming Olive Oil Preservation, Not Fraud

Industry groups said María Jesús Montero's comments had created confusion and demonstrated a failure to take seriously the possibility olive oil fraud was the culprit behind a highly-publicized investigation.

Jun. 23, 2011

Andalusia Pledges €40M for Producers, Rules Out More Origin Designations

The Andalusian regional government has allocated 40 million euros ($56.6m) to provide short-term loans so its olive oil producers can avoid selling at a loss.