35,000 Tons of Stolen Syrian Olive Oil May Already Be in Europe

This figure represents about half of the olive oil that has reportedly smuggled out from Afrin. A new pro-Turkish ally in the occupied Syrian territory denies the oil "was stolen" at all.

Monumental Trees of Cyprus Represent Attempt to Create Elite Cultivar

Researchers speculate that early olive growers had grafted native centennial trees with others imported from Greece and Lebanon to selectively breed for desirable traits.
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Two Sides of Cyprus Meet Halfway in the Name of Olive Oil

A festival will unite Greek and Turkish Cypriot olive oil producers to face future challenges together.

Cyprus Olive Oil Use Slips As Crisis Forces Hard Choices

New figures show olive oil consumption is down in Cyprus due to the economic crisis hitting the country.
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Cyprus Considers its Own Cruet Ban

Cypriot Minister of Agriculture Nicos Kouyialis says he supports adopting a ban on refillable olive oil containers.

Make Olive Oil, Not War

The olive tree and its precious oil have taken center stage in regions around the world that continue to experience inter-communal strife.
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Cyprus Moves Beyond Bulk

Every fall, just like his neighbors in his Cypriot village of Kivissili, Michalis Chrisidou dusts off a pair of clear plastic tanks to carry freshly pressed olive oil to last him the next few months.

Cyprus Celebrates the Olive Tree

On the outskirts of Cyprus’ charming and historic village of Anogyra, Cypriots set aside one day each year to celebrate the olive tree.