Texas olive oil production

Texas Olive Oil Producers Eye Formation of Advisory Board

The advisory board would provide olive growers and oil producers with more access to state and federal funds as well as increase their lobbying clout in Austin.

Texas to Host First Olive Oil Conference

The Texas Association of Olive Oil is hosting the first-ever conference in that state for the young industry.
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Mobile Milling Comes to Texas

The mill-on-wheels can be brought directly to Texas groves, providing farmers and producers with an on-site solution to a very narrow timeline.

Texas Olive Growers Stake Their Claim

The Longhorn state has a long way to go to overcome California as America’s top dog in the olive and olive oil trade, but Texan farmers are planning to get there one step at a time.
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Texas Olive Farmers Elect Leaders

Texas olive oils reached a milestone when growers elected their first board of directors to help advocate for the booming industry.

Texas Olive Oil Producers Beating the Odds

Despite acknowledged hurdles, Texan farmers have managed to produce some of the world's best olive oils.
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U.S. Producers Win 37 Awards at International Olive Oil Competition

Two California olive oil producers won the first American ‘Best in Class’ awards at the 2014 New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Texan Olive Oil Pioneers Ready for Next Phase

Texas has long been known for its crude oil. Black gold. Texas tea. But now another kind of oil is making serious headway.