World’s Best Olive Oils Unveiled in New York

Steve Jenkins of Fairway Market, International Culinary Center founder Dorothy Hamilton, NYIOOC president Curtis Cord and panel leader Gino Celletti discuss the results of the first New York International Olive Oil Competition at a press conference in New York Thursday.

The world’s best olive oils were unveiled at a press conference just minutes ago at the International Culinary Center when event organizer and Olive Oil Times publisher Curtis Cord, Steve Jenkins of Fairway Market, the founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center, Dorothy Hamilton, and the chief judge of the competition, Gino Celletti, summarized before a packed room of media representatives from around the world, the winners of the 2013 New York International Olive Oil Competition.

The competition saw 702 extra virgin olive oil entries, 653 of which made it here from 22 countries in time for the judging. A grand total of 20 countries have taken home 260 awards from Best of Class, to Gold and Silver. The countries taking home the most overall awards were Italy, with 83 awards, Spain, with 51 awards, and the United States, with 36 awards.

Italy won big with eight Best of Class Awards and an astounding 51 Gold Awards. Spain follows with 3 Best of Class and 27 Gold, two of which were claimed by Aceites Melgarejo. Another three Best of Class were awarded to Australia, as well as five Gold Awards, two of which were collected by Rylstone Australian Olive Oil. Peru, New Zealand, and South Africa each received one Best of Class.

The United States received a total of 21 Gold Awards, two of which were taken by both Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company, and Apollo Olive Oil. Portugal followed with 16 Gold Awards, and Croatia with eight, while France, Greece, and Uruguay each earned three Golds Awards. Countries awarded with one Gold each include, Chile, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Peru, Slovenia, Tunisia, and Turkey.

Cobram Estate, the largest olive oil producer in Australia, and Frantoio Franci of Italy, each won two Best of Class Awards.

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This article was last updated November 22, 2014 - 5:53 PM (GMT-5)

  • Angelo

    I attended this event, and it was outstanding. Thank you for the fascinating program great speakers and information and opportunity to meet people around the world who care about olive oil. Bravo…i come again next year.

    • Matthew

      I echo Angelo’s comment. I was there for all three days. The whole program was extremely well-run and the speakers from all over the world were excellent and interesting. Delicious meals by the chefs at the International Culinary Center. Very impressed. Well done Mr. Cord and company. I’m very glad I went.

  • Anthony

    I’m in California. Where can we find most of these oils to buy, especially the international ones? I think Fairway will be selling them, but we don’t have any on the West Coast. Will they be selling them online as well? I can’t wait to get my hands on the best of the class ones!

    • dk

      did was any Greek extra virgin olive oil there or just the oils that certain company’s import just to let know that Greece is the # 1 who produces extra virgin olive oil

  • adlane

    im from tunisia .. im looking for a partner ; as you know we product a good olive oil .. plz contuct me if you are interrested ..thx

  • Emozione Olio

    we were so proud about our olive oils!! Thanks to all

  • toninosv

    Olive Oil in New Zealand????

  • Dimitri Delakovias

    No wonder the Italians won so many awards… they mix in Greek olive oil…

  • ned

    i never tasted a oliv oil as the one in Tunisia !
    it’s the freaking best
    i tasted the italian spanish greek and many others !
    try the Tunisian one and you won’t regret it


    yay Tunisia =D

  • nm

    Even here, Portugal and Greece are robbed. Are you going to tell me that the US have better olive oil…
    Yeah, right.

    • Andrew C.

      Did Greeks ever think maybe Koroneiki isn’t generally an award-winner? Best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Koroneiki is known to be great for blending — so why not start making more blends in Greece? Buy some Spanish Arbequina on the cheap to smooth the edges.

      Portugal seems to have won about 10% of the awards — which I would say isn’t too bad.

    • Gues

      Yeah, that’s what their saying. Even European competitions agree.