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Nov. 19, 2013

In Search of Mislabeled Olive Oil to Make a Buck

Reading the 2010 study that found most extra virgin olive oils mislabeled, a Washington man went out to find one to complain about.

Sep. 25, 2013

California Establishes Olive Oil Commission

The California Olive Oil Commission would conduct research and recommend olive oil grades and labeling standards in the state.

Sep. 23, 2013

Olive Council Welcomes U.S. Report, But Queries Objectivity in Parts

The IOC praised the U.S. International Trade Commission report but laments that "opinions as opposed to facts” are at times conveyed in it.

Jun. 25, 2013

Farm Bill Amendment Draws Attention to Divided Industry

The battle over an import control provision drew attention to a greatly divided olive oil industry.

Jun. 7, 2013

U.S. Continues to Dominate World Olive Oil Imports

The United States took in 40 percent of global olive oil imports in the first six months of this season, according to recent IOC figures.

May. 28, 2013

Olive Oil Lawsuits Loom

Lawsuits targeting producers for mislabeling are popping up, and might represent just the tip of the litigation iceberg.

May. 28, 2013

Europe to Push U.S. for Solution on Olive Oil Pesticide Limits

Pesticide residue limits for olive oil will be raised during trade talks in September, according to Italian Member of Parliament Sergio Silvestris.

May. 14, 2013

Business Students Search for Better Understanding of Olive Oil

Graduate students from Curry College will tour California for a better understanding of the forces shaping the olive oil business.

May. 8, 2013

Judge Orders Kangadis to Recall or Relabel Capatriti Products

A judge ordered Capatriti to either recall its products, or apply a label stating that what’s inside is not really olive oil at all.

May. 7, 2013

Busy Year for Olive Oil Trade Group

The North American Olive Oil Association, which represents olive oil importers, had plenty to do in 2012, said its chairman, John Sessler.

Apr. 29, 2013

California Proposes Olive Oil Commission

If a bill currently working its way through is successful, California could have a new commission to oversee its olive oil industry.

Apr. 29, 2013

Court Finds Olive Oil Grades Mean Little to 'Ordinary' Consumers

A New York court sees no evidence that the perceptions of most consumers align with various labeling standards for olive oil.

Apr. 12, 2013

Imports Up Sharply in Japan and China, Modest Gain in U.S.

Imports are up 31 percent in Japan, 24 percent in China, 15 percent in Canada and just 3 percent in the United States.

Apr. 7, 2013

Deborah Rogers, Cofounder of California's 'The Olive Press,' Resigns

The California olive oil industry pioneer said she was stepping down from the company she cofounded to start a new consulting business.

Mar. 21, 2013

Italian Olive Oil Producer on FDA 'Red List' is Costco Supplier

The Italian company that produces Costco's Kirkland's Best brand has had 98 containers detained after the FDA issued an import alert.

Mar. 19, 2013

Olive Oil Detained Due to Pesticide Traces

The detection of pesticide traces has stranded 98 shipping containers of Italian olive oil in the ports of New York and Seattle.

Feb. 27, 2013

Olive Oil’s High-Oleic Rivals Mounting

Production of high-oleic acid soybean oil is set to rise 20-fold in less than five years and biotech giants expect demand to grow fast.

Feb. 7, 2013

Trade Group Sues Olive Oil Producer for Deceptive Labeling

It was the first time the North American Olive Oil Association, a trade group of importers, has taken legal action against a producer.