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Supermarkets in Spain Accused of Pricing Olive Oil Lower Than Cost

Supermarket chains are repeatedly reported for infringing the law by reducing prices lower than cost, while olive oil producers are losing a lot more than their patience.

World’s Second-Largest Retailer Wants to be Known for its Olive Oil

Olive Oil Times publisher Curtis Cord spoke with Costco buyer Chad Sokol, who handles the commodity and dry grocery buying for the company’s warehouse stores throughout Northern California and many more in Nevada.
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McDonald’s Uses Olive Oil in New Sandwich

The fast food giant says it is cooking its new "artisan grilled chicken” sandwich in a blend of olive oil and canola oil.

Farmers Denounce Yet Another Sale of ‘Made In Italy’

At a time when disappointments seem to pile on top one another, some here ponder the repercussions of another foreign ownership of a marquis Italian brand.
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More Beauty Products Harness the Selling-Power of Olive Oil

Olive oil, once a rarity relegated to an occasional olive oil soap, has now become a premium ingredient in a growing range of beauty products.

World’s Largest Olive Oil Company Reports Drop in Sales

Sales by the world's largest olive oil producer fell to €809 million last year - down from nearly €829 million in 2012.
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Deoleo Muscles Mills for ‘Never Seen’ Terms as it Moves to Hybrid Oils

A long-awaited strategic review lifted the veil on olive oil giant Deoleo and where the profits lie in the global market.

Deoleo’s ‘Radical Transformation’

The world’s biggest olive oil bottler is making big changes in a bid for the health segment of the edible oil market.