olive oil production

2015 Harvest

Will the 2015 Olive Harvest Be a Good One?

It’s still early, but there is much speculation and anticipation about the upcoming olive harvest and its consequences for producers and consumers alike.

Olive Tree’s Cool-Weather Offshoot

An Oregon conference exposed the growing culture of pioneers willing to think outside the box about where olive oil comes from and where it’s going.
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Olive Oil without Borders

A program to promote cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian farmers has been extended.

Italian Know-How at Enoliexpo

The second Enoliexpo exhibition displayed innovation in the fields of olive oil and wine production.
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Power Plant in Spain Fueled by Olive Oil Waste

A new power plant in Andalucia is generating electricity and saving the environment by using waste from olive oil production as fuel.

Umbria PDO Looks to Expo and Beyond

With production off 95 percent, the new president of Umbrian PDO said the 2014 harvest showed how the region's products are "almost essential."
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Tunisia Is the World’s Second Largest Olive Oil Producer, for Now

Olive oil production in Tunisia has increased fourfold, making it the second largest producer after Spain.

Seggiano Suspends Olive Tree in City Wall

In Seggiano (Tuscany) you can visit a Museum where an olive tree producing the local olive oil (Olivastra saggianese variety) was installed