French olive oil

Gold and Silver for France

Three French producers, submitting oils to the huge New York competition for the first time, took home three coveted quality awards.

Pairing Premium EVOOs in New Ways at Pierre Gagnaire’s ‘Reflets’

The Dubai restaurant features specially selected extra virgin oils from Spain, France and Italy.
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Socca (No Ball Required)

The traditional Niçois dish resembling a crispy pancake is made from the most basic of ingredients: olive oil, chickpea flour, water, salt and pepper – it’s simple to make, and delicious.

Oliviera: The ‘Anti-Tourism’ of Olive Oil

Nadim Beyrouti sells high quality olive oil from small producers in Provence. His restaurant Oliviera was created as a means to showcase his range of oils by pairing them with simple, fresh cuisine.
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Nicolas Alziari

Alziari olive oil has been produced and sold in Nice, France for over 140 years. The company's products now sell in over 19 countries and the Alziari ‘grand crus’ range continues to be held in high regard.

For French Olive Oil Producers, Less is More

Olive oil production in France is tiny compared to its neighbors and there's a "problem with notoriety." Jean Benoit Hugues shares what the interprofessional association Afidol plans to do about lifting the profile, and sales, of French olive oil.
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The Rebirth of Corsican Olive Oil

Thanks to the growing appreciation of quality olive oil, Corsicans are again managing their orchards with pride and developing their olive oil with passion.

Olives de Lucques

The flesh comes away from the tiny stone easily and conjures up flavours of fresh almonds and avocados. I’m beginning to understand why the French prize them so highly.