“Everyone fell in love with the newborn Domina International Olive Oil Contest,” said the president and panel leader Antonio G. Lauro. “Over 300 olive oil companies believed in us as well as the Sicilian academia, the professional tasters called to judge the olive oils and all the olive oil enthusiasts who came to Palermo to experience the new event.”


Antonio G. Lauro

The competition, held May 13-17 in Palermo, Sicily, consisted of three days of assessment. The intense work was made easier by the high level of 16 tasters from 8 countries, selected to represent consumers around the world.

Lauro pointed out that the success of the contest was the result of the collaboration between professionals called to design the event. “I would like to thank the general director of sales and marketing at Domina Hotels, David Oddsson and the general director of D-IOOC Stefania Reggio; the technical director Raul Castellani; the director of sample room Leonardo Castellani and the director of tastings Davide V. Lauro.”


“The contest came after big international events, like the New York International Olive Oil Competition, and many of the great EVOOs that had success there arrived at the Domina-IOOC, making the selection more challenging as they represented the best expression of world extra virgin olive oils,” Lauro affirmed.

“The very high level increased the commitment laid down with the companies at the time of their registration, which consists in acting in the supreme interest of those who have worked for one year to create these valuable olive oil production.”

D-IOOC was not only a competition, it encompassed gastronomy, tourism, tastings and divulgation with special programs dedicated to olive oil enthusiasts end experts.

The final awards ceremony gave emphasis to the winners that you can find on the contest website.