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This week a cosmetic company, Oliveda, announced their purchase of 800,000 square meters of land housing around 11,000 mature olive trees, boosting the company’s existing portfolio of 10 million square feet of trees. The company, which produces olive-based skin care products, also connects people to the “therapeutic vibrations of olive trees” via its unique green-tech wearables known as “Olives.”

A Living connection to the primal knowledge of nature and the 7,000-years of olive tree wisdom – properly dosed and regimented by your own private naturopath.- Oliveda website

Oliveda founder and CEO Thomas Lommel says he morphed from a real estate investor into a natural skin care manufacturer and “olive tree whisperer.”

His transformation began in 1997 while he was living in an olive tree house in Andalusia. Lommel said he cured himself with substances sourced from the surrounding trees and contemplated what he would do if he possessed all the time and all the money in the world.

Lommel discovered his passion was connecting with, investing in and preserving “mountain” olive trees. In 2001, he developed his first olive-based product from the cell sap of an ancient olive tree’s leaves. This led to the founding of Oliveda in 2003.

Olive oil and leaf extract are the main ingredients in the Oliveda range. The company says its products are unique in their high potency of cell elixir and rich in the hydroxytyrosol.

In 2015, Lommel launched a high-tech system to connect people “to the natural energy and therapeutic benefits of mountain olive trees in remote Spanish groves.” The Olive Tree People project delivers “olive tree homeopathy” by transmitting vibrations in real time from olive trees to wristbands called “Olives.” Multiple users can be served via a “Big Olive” device installed in the home or office.

Oliveda’s olive groves are protected in a nature reserve and thrive without irrigation, fertilizer or chemical pesticides, according to the company. Lommel believes that mountain olive trees develop a primordial force in their struggle to survive, which results in a different energy to conventionally farmed olive trees. According to Lommel, yields are lower than from conventionally grown olive trees but the intensity of the ingredients is higher.

In 2015, Oliveda opened its first Olive Tree Pharmacy in Berlin. This was quickly followed by stores in Düsseldorf and Taipei. The olive-based skin care products are packaged in brown, pharmacy-style bottles and flasks.


An Oliveda shop in Berlin

Oliveda self-financed its recent $15.4 million purchase. The company has ambitious expansion plans which include adding more mountain olive groves to their portfolio.

The company claims the 11,000 new trees have the potential to bring in annual revenue of $61 million from the green-tech “olive” wearables, not to mention extra virgin olive oil which they sell for €43 ($48.39) per liter.

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