What is Lampante Olive Oil?

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Lampante oil is a term used to describe a type of olive oil that is con­sid­ered ined­i­ble or unfit for human con­sump­tion in its raw state due to its poor qual­ity and strong, unpleas­ant taste. The word lam­pante comes from the Italian word for lamp,” as this low-qual­ity oil was his­tor­i­cally used as fuel for oil lamps.

Lampante oil is typ­i­cally char­ac­ter­ized by its high acid­ity, off-fla­vors, and impu­ri­ties. It is often pro­duced from over­ripe or dam­aged olives and may undergo poor pro­cess­ing and han­dling prac­tices.

To make lam­pante oil suit­able for con­sump­tion, it must be refined to remove impu­ri­ties, reduce acid­ity, and improve its over­all qual­ity. This refined oil can then be blended with extra vir­gin olive oil or other higher-qual­ity oils to pro­duce a prod­uct suit­able for cook­ing and con­sump­tion.

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