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Jun. 27, 2010

Chinese Consumers Confused by Olive Oil Choices

High prices and the lack of solid information are leaving consumers in China bewildered about the quality, value and health benefits of the olive oils being marketed to them.

Jun. 19, 2010

UC Davis Olive Center's Dan Flynn

"It’s been fun to witness consumers taste olive oil properly for the first time." Dan Flynn, University of California at Davis Olive Center

Jun. 17, 2010

Mark Kailis Has an Appetite For Organic Olive Oil

In a bid to become the world's largest organic olive oil producer, Mark Kailis says now is the the time to communicate with consumers about olive oil quality.

May. 24, 2010

Symbolism of Olive Oil

In her first article for Olive Oil Times, Dr. MP Graziani takes a look at the strongest currents in the long history and rich symbolism tied to olive oil.

May. 23, 2010

A Conversation with Gennaro Pieralisi

Seventy five percent of the world's olive oil is produced with Pieralisi systems. In the first of a three-part series, we ask the president about Gruppo Pieralisi's competitive edge.

May. 17, 2010

China Exhibition Focuses on Olive Oil

Liz Tagami reports from the 6th Annual Oil China Exhibition in Shanghai.

May. 9, 2010

Q&A with Paul Miller, Australian Olive Association

We asked Paul Miller, President of the Australian Olive Association, about his country's emerging status as producer of high quality olive oils.