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Thousands Protest Olive Oil Prices in Jaén

By Daniel Dawson
Jun. 6, 2019 14:30 UTC

More than 5,000 pro­tes­tors have marched on a local gov­ern­ment build­ing in Jaén, call­ing for offi­cials to intro­duce mea­sures that would help to raise the price of olive oil.

Dozens of riot police were dis­patched to keep the pro­tes­tors from enter­ing the build­ing.

The price of extra vir­gin olive oil in some places has fallen beneath €2.00 ($2.26) per kilo­gram, which is often less than what it costs to pro­duce, bot­tle and get to mar­ket.

With what they pay us, we work hard to earn noth­ing,” one pro­tes­tor told Sevilla ABC.

In Porcuna, a small town in the province of Jaén, the local gov­ern­ment has called on pro­duc­ers not to sell at the moment and stock­pile their oils until prices go back up.

Rafael Pico Lapuente, the direc­tor of the Spanish Association of Olive Oil Exporting, Industry and Commerce (Asoliva), told Olive Oil Times that there is still no telling when that will hap­pen.

The evo­lu­tion of prices is dif­fi­cult to know because it also depends on the pro­duc­tion of other coun­tries,” he said.


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