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Focus on Exports Pays Off for Interóleo

Oct. 22, 2015
Gaynor Selby

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European coun­tries includ­ing Italy, France and Portugal have his­tor­i­cally absorbed high vol­umes of olive oil from Jaén-based Interóleo. The com­pany pro­duces approx­i­mately 55,000 tons each year from 11,000 farm­ers.

- Interóleo pres­i­dent Esteban Mombian

Now, fol­low­ing a two-year strat­egy to diver­sify olive oil export mar­kets, Interóleo has expanded sales in Poland and beyond Europe as increased bulk and bot­tles sales across its mar­kets.

As num­bers of affil­i­ated farm­ers grow, the com­pany has announced higher sales com­bined with an increase in exports which have gone up by around 22 per­cent.

Present in seven of the ten dis­tricts of Jaén, with oil pro­duced by 19 coop­er­a­tive mills and four mills, Interóleo is con­sid­ered one of the lead­ing olive oil com­pa­nies in the Andalusian sec­tor.

According to an announce­ment on its web­site, Interóleo olive oil exports are now 32.17 per­cent of the company’s total turnover, com­pared against 9.91 per­cent in 2013.


Interóleo pres­i­dent Esteban Mombian said the two-year diver­si­fi­ca­tion cam­paign has paid off.

We are aware of the impor­tance, for the future of the com­pany, to diver­sify sales of our prod­uct, hence two years of strong focus on the export of olive oil, ini­tially in bulk, and now, after our entry into the Polish mar­ket, also in bot­tles,” he said.

This is the way we want to go, because we want our best agri­cul­ture and nutri­tional value to have a strong posi­tion in emerg­ing mar­kets, where the prices are much higher than on our own ter­ri­tory.”


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