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Jul. 10, 2015

Shuffling Austerity Proposals, Greece and Creditors Seek Agreement

Days after Greek voters rejected a proposal for austerity measures, their government submitted a similar plan. Meetings this weekend could determine whether Greece will remain in the eurozone.

Jul. 10, 2015

Tunisian Olive Oil Exports Reach Record High

Record yields and huge demand from Italy and Spain launched Tunisian exports to new heights.

Jul. 9, 2015

India Set to Market its Own Olive Oil

Rajasthan prepares for its first-ever, large-scale olive oil extraction next month.

Jun. 24, 2015

Olive Council Members Draft New Agreement

Discussions on the draft took place before the IOC’s 24th extraordinary session in Madrid last week.

Jun. 15, 2015

Cerignola, Apulia Set to Host 2nd National Competition for Table Olives

Monna Oliva evaluates table olives from different regions to support producers and help them improve product quality and revitalize the sector.

Jun. 11, 2015

Uncertainty in Greek Olive Oil Industry as Government Struggles to Avoid Default

Greek olive oil exports have increased, but more bottling and branding could bring Greece money desperately needed during the economic crisis.

Jun. 10, 2015

'Believe in Olive Oil' Campaign to Launch in Japan

The IOC campaign aims to promote olive oil and its health benefits while introducing new flavors for use in traditional Japanese cuisine.

Jun. 9, 2015

Crop Losses in France Result in Tight Stock, Higher Prices

France Agrimer said the disastrous results were mostly due to the ravages of the olive fly when mild temperatures allowed the pests to flourish.

Jun. 8, 2015

Plans for an Exporters Consortium in Algeria

The proposed consortium is expected to offer members the possibility to collaborate in order to increase productivity, improve quality, boost exports, control prices, and enhance their power of negotiation.

Jun. 3, 2015

EVOO Awards Stir Competitive Spirit in Greece

Despite the bleak economic outlook for Greece these days, the future looks bright for producers who strive for quality.

Jun. 1, 2015

Sousse, Tunisia Set to Host Third 'Med Mag Oliva' Exhibition

Tunisia’s largest olive oil sector event will promote commercial exchanges, share production technologies and foster partnerships between suppliers.

Jun. 1, 2015

Olive Center Offers Two Courses for Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation

The UC Davis Olive Center is offering its 12th and 13th Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Certificate Courses starting June 15.

May. 28, 2015

Two Out of Three California Olive Oils Fail New Homegrown Standards, Report Finds

A trade group released two reports raising questions about new California standards, which it says were hastily developed to avoid legal challenges.

May. 28, 2015

Resolution Calls for Stronger Action to Prevent Spread of Xf

The European Parliament called for the introduction of incentives for producers implementing preventive measures.

May. 26, 2015

Slow Food Launches First Olive Oil 'Presidium'

Slow Food has launched the first "presidium" to promote the environmental, health and economic value of Italian extra virgin olive oil.

May. 18, 2015

In Latest Bid for Relevance, Council Seeks to Standardize Competitions

Facing waning interest in its own olive oil competition, the International Olive Council will offer to endorse rival events that abide by its rules.

May. 12, 2015

Russian Olive Oil Imports Slip

After steady growth over the past 15 years, Russian olive oil imports are lower in year-to-date figures released by the International Olive Council.

May. 11, 2015

Tunisian Olive Sector Benefits from Japanese Cooperation Project

A Japanese development project underway in Tunisia aims to support the development of olive oil products and promote the export of Tunisian olive oil.