Napa olive oil merchant, Lucero Olive Oil is reported to have lost 90 percent of their olive oil inventory after a 6.0 earthquake shook the region early last Sunday morning. Dewey Lucero estimated a loss of 500 bottles of olive oil in the Napa tasting room and retail store, each priced at roughly $20 per bottle.

Lucero is a third generation olive oil business owned by Dewey Lucero who’s grandparents are credited with growing many of the trees currently in production in Northern California. They stock a variety ofextra virgin olive oils along with flavored varieties and balsamic vinegars. The business has expanded to three locations in Portland, Oregon, Corning, CA, and Napa since opening in 2005; the Napa location opened in October of 2013.

ABC News cited olive oil and vinegar running into the Napa sidewalks around the area at 1012 First Street where the business is located as a result of the earthquake. Many other businesses suffered shattered windows and more severe structural damage due to the quake.

While the merchants of Napa Valley are still dealing with the repercussions of the natural disaster, they were hoping to conduct business as usual this Labor Day weekend. According to the downtown Napa Association, 90 percent of businesses are open. “You can still come to Napa and absolutely have a Napa Valley experience,” said Executive Director, Craig Smith. Lucero Olive Oil will be open.

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