California olive oil

Jun. 12, 2024

How Resilience and Passion Drive a Boutique California Producer

In less than four years, the couple behind Chateau de Luz has overcome climate extremes, pests and labor challenges to craft world-class extra virgin olive oil.

Jun. 10, 2024

Kern County Producer Reflects on The California Olive Oil Industry

Stefanie Wickensheimer explains how Rio Bravo Ranch crafts high-quality extra virgin olive oil in the southern San Joaquin Valley.

May. 27, 2024

Improved Water Efficiency Paramount to Future of California Farmers, Officials Say

Growers will need to save more water and use less as the state will likely become drier in the long term.

May. 16, 2024

U.S. Olive Oil Producers Achieve Record-Breaking Success at World Competition

Olive oil producers from five states combined to earn 95 awards, exceeding the previous record of 94 set in 2022.

Feb. 29, 2024

Campaign Aims to Curb Misuse of 'Regenerative' in Agriculture

With rising demand for organic olive oil, California farmers are at the forefront of efforts to promote the true meaning of organic, regenerative agriculture.

Feb. 22, 2024

Oleotourism on The Rise in Central California

Riding the wave of the state's post-Covid recovery, olive farms and mills are increasingly popular destinations on California’s Central Coast.

Jan. 2, 2024

Corto Bets on Olives as Crop of The Future in Changing Sacramento Valley

As California deals with the impacts of climate change, rising labor costs and worker shortages, Corto Olive president Cliff Little believes planting more olives is a solution.

Dec. 19, 2023

Olive Center Works to Educate Next Generation of Ag. Pros

The Olea Learn program teaches undergraduates the necessary agronomic and business skills to run an olive farming and olive oil production business.

Dec. 14, 2023

California College’s Olive Harvest Brings Campus Together

Students and faculty members harvested the Los Angeles campus’s 130-year-old Mission trees to begin what officials hope becomes a new tradition.

Dec. 14, 2023

Tightening Water Regulations in California May Spur Olive Cultivation

While irrigated olive groves still use plenty of water, increasingly strict prohibitions, especially in the San Joaquin Valley, may carve out a new niche for dryland olive groves.

Dec. 11, 2023

Small-Scale Farmers Celebrate Big-Time Success in Central California

Richard and Myrna Meisler have turned a passion project into one of California’s most-awarded extra virgin olive oils.

Dec. 5, 2023

An Olive Oil-Centered Curriculum in California Seeks to Help an Ailing County

Despite its agricultural mite, Kern County suffers from elevated levels of food insecurity, obesity and diabetes compared to the rest of the state.

Nov. 27, 2023

The Ricchiuti Family's 15-Year Journey to Olive Oil Excellence

The family behind Enzo Olive Oil have built a fledgling olive farm to one of the Golden State's most awarded brands.


Aug. 14, 2023

State-of-the-Art Irrigation Management Leads to Rising Yields in California

To endure a changing climate, new approaches for managing and optimizing irrigation are paramount.

Aug. 10, 2023

California Producers Keep Olives and Workers Safe in Record Heat

With temperatures breaking records in some parts of the state, producers emphasize the need for irrigation and unconventional working hours.

Aug. 2, 2023

Sustainable Farming is Key to Quality as California Becomes Hotter and Drier

Investing in renewable energy, drip irrigation and organic practices helps the producers behind Spanish Oaks Ranch achieve award-winning quality.

Jul. 19, 2023

Researchers in California Test New Solutions for Olive Fruit Fly

Researchers at the University of California are testing a range of insecticide products for efficacy in controlling olive fruit flies.

Jun. 26, 2023

Late Winter Rains, Heavy Blooms Herald a Promising Season in California

A wet and mild winter followed by strong flowering has olive oil producers feeling good about the coming harvest.

Jun. 13, 2023

The Best Olive Varieties for Hobby Growers in Northern California

Whether it is for ornamental purposes or for small-scale table olive or oil production, these olives are perfectly suited to Northern California backyards.

May. 17, 2023

Californians Navigate a Challenging Harvest Committed to Quality

Producers across California overcame frost, drought and rising prices to yield some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils.

May. 16, 2023

Meet the Native American Tribe Behind Award-Winning Olive Oil

Over two decades, Jim Etters has helped guide the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation’s Séka Hills brand to four NYIOOC triumphs while focusing on sustainability.