The heads of the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) and the Coordinator of Agriculture and Livestock Organizations (COAG) have called on Andalusians to protest record-low olive oil prices in Seville next month.

The rally, which is scheduled for July 9 in front of the San Telmo Palace in the Andalusian capital, will also serve as a moment for leaders of the provincial olive oil sector to demonstrate the popular support for various measures.

These measures include the imposition of more self-regulation measures in the sector, the investigation of unfair business practices and strengthening quality and provenance enforcement mechanisms, among several others.

“[We have] to investigate what is happening with the olive oil market,” Miguel Lopez, the general secretary of COAG Andalusia, said. “And self-regulation mechanisms have to be applied. We have a product of the highest quality, which can not be sold as if it were low cost.”

“We are not going to stop,” Lopez added. “We committed ourselves to help olive growers solve these problems, and that goes beyond price increases. We cannot keep losing.”


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