Olio Nuovo Days (OND), a biannual gastronomic event, is a gleaming concept that’s been raising interest among olive oil aficionados and producers. It was founded in 2015 by Emmanuelle Dechelette, a lover of culinary art and a passionate businesswoman, who came up with the original idea as a way to announce and bring to public attention the newest harvests of the Liquid Gold.

In today’s bustling markets, many consumers are confused about which olive oil to choose and on which characteristics to base their choice (where the olives grew, ripeness, and processing method). But what if they could taste each new harvest and then decide which suits best their palates and olfactory senses? An exciting, creative and pleasurable concept, OND gives us the means to distinguish different styles of oils. By tasting and by discovering the different places and varieties from which they originate, we are able to know what gives oils their specific styles.
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After a successful first edition held in Paris last year, the second edition of OND ‘Hémisphère Nord’ will be held on January 17-21, 2017, offering an unprecedented taste experience. In five days, renowned restaurants will include in their menus a dish inspired by the selected Olios Nuovos.

Through blind tasting, each chef will pick his favorite olive oil from a selection of the best productions and then use it as an inspirational star ingredient in his dish. The blind tasting allows for an unbiased opinion making the chef focus on individual aspects of an oil.

Another interesting and ludic aspect of this journey are the tastings hosted in different bakeries around the city. Led by students of the Superior School of Perfumery of Paris (a partner of OND), they will discuss the often neglected olfactory dimension to the tasting process.

The preview of the second edition was held at a press conference on November 28, gathering many interesting personalities at Antoine de Macedo’s charismatic watch boutique in the 6th district of Paris:

The president of the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA), Jean-Emmanuel Jouard, was present at the event. “AVPA has been working in close collaboration with us on making this project grow,” said Dechelette. “OND has grown in two years. I want to create a solid relationship with producers based on trust and this takes time.”

Also present were Pastry chef and owner of BO, Olivier Haustraete; baker and owner of Panifica, François Brault and many international and local producers, among others.

From the olive oils exposed were the new harvests from Anna Marina Gioacchini’s domain, Le Amantine, (Tuscania, Italy). Le Amantine is a range of three extra-virgin olive oils (Unico, Taléa, Amantino). The oils differ in their varieties (Frantoio, Leccino and Canino) among many other factors. Frantoio, for instance, is known to offer a rich taste reminiscent of artichokes. Le Amantine’s olio nuovo was baptized Raccolto, to be tasted in January 2017.

Mounir Boussetta’s domain, Segermès, (Zaghouan, Tunisia) offers fruity green olive oils from two varieties: Chemali (with and without pits) and Beldi. Segermès extra-virgin olive oil has a flavorsome bitter taste with an exquisite pungency. This oil has obtained international recognition by AVPA, in Paris.

Local producers Guillaume and Paolo Chabot, father and son, cultivate organic crops in their domain, Moulin Bonaventure, located in the Valensole plateau of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. They will be participating for the first time in January.

Olive oil aficionados and curious consumers should save the dates. The list of the selected restaurants and bakeries will be published on OND’s website by the end of December.