Tracking the Quality of Moroccan Olive Oils

A study published in the journal Food Chemistry set out to establish the quality of olive oil samples produced in North Morocco.

Proposed Rules Would Align Morocco with International Standards

The Moroccan government has proposed rules which will define and regulate the quality of olive oil.
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Moroccan City Bans Olive Trees Citing Allergy Concerns

Oujda, a city of half million people in the world's second largest table olive producing country, announced a citywide ban on olive trees.

Morocco, Argentina Seek to Increase Olive Production

Plans are underway in both Morocco and Argentina to increase the output of olives and olive oil.
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Police Say Smuggled Moroccan Olive Oil Found in ‘Toxic Goods’ Containers

Illegally imported Moroccan olive oil in containers labeled as containing toxic substances was found in a van headed for Barcelona.

Spanish Producers Call Moroccan Olive Oil Trade Deal a ‘Disaster’

Moroccan olive oil producers say Spain should not be so afraid of a wider EU-Morocco free trade deal - at least for now - because the US market is their main target.
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The Aqallal Family, Atlas Olive Oils

"You only produce 'gran cru' from high quality olives that are fresh, clean and healthy. You then become obsessed by quality, aromas, flavors. It penetrates your body, your everyday life."

Moroccan EVOO Gets Boost from UN

With the expertise and support of UNIDO, Moroccan olive oil production has soared since 2008 and the country’s 2009 output is drawing interest from investors worldwide.