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Olive Oil Adulteration Nothing New

Oct. 30, 2010
Olive Oil Times Staff

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With all of the recent press cov­er­age it might seem that olive oil adul­ter­ation is a mod­ern prac­tice but, as this 1863 arti­cle from the New England Journal of Medicine shows, fraud has been going on a while.

France was occu­py­ing Mexico, the U.S. was in the midst of its bloody Civil War, and it was already widely known” that olive oil was very sel­dom pure.” Unscrupulous enter­prises favored poppy, sesame, peanut and beech­nut oils to defraud their cus­tomers.

A method devel­oped by a French chemist, M. Hauchecorn, could detect if the oil was adul­ter­ated with other seed oils. If it was pure olive oil, Hauchecorn’s test could indi­cate how good it was.

New England Journal of Medicine
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