At Expo 2015, One Olive Oil Producer’s Commitment to Sustainability

Coppini Arte Olearia educates Expo visitors on olive oil tastes, health benefits and sustainable production.

Tunisian Olive Sector Benefits from Japanese Cooperation Project

A Japanese development project underway in Tunisia aims to support the development of olive oil products and promote the export of Tunisian olive oil.
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Rajasthan Studies Viability of Olive Leaf Tea

The government of the Indian state of Rajasthan is exploring the possibility of producing tea with the leaves of the olive tree.

New Technology to Recycle Wastewater

By using the new water recycling system olive producers use up to 90 percent less water, a major benefit for the environment.
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Power Plant in Spain Fueled by Olive Oil Waste

A new power plant in Andalucia is generating electricity and saving the environment by using waste from olive oil production as fuel.

Olives Reach New Heights in Valtellina

One of the consequences of rising temperatures is that it's now possible to cultivate olive trees where it was previously unthinkable.
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Project in Algeria Turns Byproducts into Compost

A study has examined how oil mills in central Algeria can make use of olive oil production byproducts by transforming them into compost.

Project Uses Waste from Olive Oil Production to Power the Mill Itself

A European project is studying technology to convert waste from olive oil production to electricity.