Bulk olive oil seller Interóleo Picual Jaén has added roughly two million kilos to its yearly output by bringing a new cooperative to the group. Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria San Isidro Labrador is the third new member in less than five months to join Interóleo, which currently stands as Andalusia’s second-largest business dedicated to selling olive oil.

(Joing Interoleo) allows us to continue as owners of our oil and with minimal risk.- Juan Francisco Moreno, SCA San Isidro Labrador

San Isidro Labrador positions Interóleo to gain strength in the national market, where the company has already shown impressive performance.

Interóleo’s exports have increased to over 15 million kilos of olive oil, a 22 percent jump in the last two years. They represented 1.36 percent of olive oil exported from Spain during the last season, with exports reaching countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Portugal, and Poland.

Based in the world’s top olive oil-producing region of Jaén, Interóleo has two main objectives. The first, to be a central point of sales for olive oil produced by its members, and second, to serve as a central buying point in order to optimize costs.

“We continue to gain momentum on this path which we’ve set out on,” said Juan Gadeo, president of Interóleo, “which is to focus on guaranteeing good prices for oil, which are enabled by professional, transparent and bold decisions that demand little risk.”

The president of SCA San Isidro Labrador, Juan Francisco Moreno, affirmed the decision: “There was no doubt about the necessity to enter a group such as Interóleo. All of the members were in agreement about (Interóleo’s) professionalism and transparency, which allows us to continue as owners of our oil and with minimal risk.”

SCA San Isidro Labrador joined two other recent Andalusian additions to Interóleo; Nuestra Señora del Rosario and Agroindustrial Domingo Sánchez.

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