olive-oil-for-a-healthy-digestive-systemA healthy digestive system is important for our well-being. It turns food into the energy and gets rid of waste, all necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

Maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system is manageable and can be done by slowly ticking off a list of foods that are beneficial to our digestive system.

Elimination is important, and regular bowel movements play a role in gastrointestinal health as well as general wellness, and the presence of fat and liquids in the diet is necessary to maintain healthy bowel movements.

Olive oil is the ideal fat, not only because it benefits other parts of our body such as our heart, but also because it can protect our digestive system from ulcers. Studies show that incorporating olive oil into your diet may help treat or prevent stomach ulcers.

Try olive oil in your diet everyday for regularity and protection.

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