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International Olive Oil Tasting Seminar Coming to Kalamata

Participants will examine the characteristics of different olive varieties, and evaluate techniques used in Italy, Spain and the U.S.

Chemists’ Society Offers Proficiency Testing for Olive Oil Sensory Panels

AOCS recognition will give sensory panels an opportunity to demonstrate to olive oil producers, retailers, and importers that they are accurately assessing olive oil quality.
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France University Offers Degree in Olive Oil

Students in the University of Montpellier program can earn a Diplôme Universitaire (DU) d'Oléologie, or a university specialization diploma in olive oil.

Calls to Improve ‘Prestige’ of Spanish Olive Oil

As debate deepens in Spain and wider Europe over reform to the troubled olive oil sector, the Spanish central government and a local government group have both made quality the keystone of their calls for change.
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European Commission Advisory Group Told Panel Tests ‘Not Sustainable’

Concerns with the olive oil panel test were aired at the last meeting of the European Commission’s Advisory Group on Olives and Derived Products.

An Internet Lesson in Olive Oil Tasting

Fabrizio Vignolini trains Italy's olive oil experts. Now his venerable school in Imperia has opened its doors to a world that needs to know what's in those little tasting cups.
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Spanish Researchers Develop Portable ‘Electronic Nose’

Spanish researchers have developed a cheap, portable ‘electronic nose’ they say has great promise for use in organoleptic testing and food quality control.

Non-Member Chemists Kept Out of Olive Council Meeting

Extra Virginity author Tom Mueller wrote in his blog that experts from non-member countries were kept away from this year's annual meeting.