traditional milling

Feb. 13, 2024

Local Mils in France Are All the Rage

An ample harvest and high prices have led to a surge in activity and investments in community mills.

Dec. 14, 2023

Traditional Turkish Olive Cultivation Practices Recognized by UNESCO

The U.N. agency said Turkey’s traditional grafting, milling and table olive production methods are valuable to our global culture and must be safeguarded.

May. 2, 2023

How Olives Are Processed Into Oil

Modern technology has replaced traditional methods, from crushing olives to the final extraction process.

Jun. 29, 2021

Planas: Traditional Olive Growers Will Be Protected in New Common Agricultural Policy

In an address to the Spanish Senate, the minister of agriculture celebrated the strong year for the olive oil sector and struck an optimistic tone for the future.

Jul. 28, 2020

What Does 'Cold Pressed' Really Mean?

Back when olive oil production was done with presses, the term described the first press of the fresh fruit. Now it's a meaningless buzzword emblazoned on bottles everywhere.

Apr. 3, 2018

Why Some Producers Are Not Ready to Give Up Their Traditional Presses

Inefficient and difficult to maintain, traditional presses are often dismissed as a relic of another era. Olive Oil Times found some producers who say they are not about to abandon their old presses anytime soon.

Sep. 25, 2012

New Twist on Traditional Olive Press

A Spanish company says it has developed a “breakthrough” for the ancient olive press resulting in olive oil higher in antioxidants.

Apr. 12, 2012

Riogordo’s Milling Honors Verdial Olive Oil

The Olearum Culture and Oil Heritage association organized recently the first edition of “The Milling of Riogordo” which recreated the traditional production of olive oil in the Ethnographic Museum of Riogordo (Málaga).

Feb. 22, 2012

Olive Oil Festival Continues Galician Tradition

Although a small player in the Spanish olive oil scene, every year a celebration of the little known history of olive oil in Galicia is held in the valley of Quiroga, Spain.

Sep. 1, 2010

Olive Oil Maker Finds Inspiration in Ancient Words and Deeds

"We are inspired by Ancient Greece to produce extra virgin olive oil with no industrial process. If it means producing only a certain amount each year that is okay with me.” Constantine Scrivanos