Olive Oil Scammers Busted in Ghana

Four brands were outed by the agency: Kazmor, Pino, Holy Olive Oil and one named, ominously "Quality Olive Oil."

Kaneshi market in Accra, Ghana
Aug. 15, 2016
By Olive Oil Times Staff
Kaneshi market in Accra, Ghana

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Police in Ghana arrested sev­eral bot­tlers accused of sell­ing veg­etable and other” oils labeled as olive oil, Ghanaian news sites reported.

In some cases, the scam­mers sub­mit­ted sam­ples to the Food and Drug Authority for approval, before switch­ing out the oil with coun­ter­feits to release into the market.

Four brands were outed: Kazmor, Pinno, Holy Olive Oil and one named, omi­nously Quality Olive Oil.”

Ghanaian Food and Drug Authority

Ghana Police said the accused fraud­sters are coop­er­at­ing with authorities.

The Food Enforcement Department (FED) of Ghana’s Food and Drug Authority con­ducts inspec­tions of food man­u­fac­tur­ing, stor­age, retail and dis­posal in order to ver­ify com­pli­ance with its codes of Good Manufacturing Practices.

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The FED has three oper­a­tional units which are the Food Post Market Surveillance (FPMSU), Food Premises Inspections (FPIU) and Industrial Support Services (ISSU) Units.

Ghana’s econ­omy is among the strongest in Africa, fol­low­ing more than 25 years of rel­a­tive sta­bil­ity and good gov­er­nance. Ghana’s grow­ing eco­nomic pros­per­ity and demo­c­ra­tic sys­tem of gov­ern­ment has made it a regional power in West Africa.

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