`New List of U.S. Tariff Targets Includes More Olive Oils From Europe


New List of U.S. Tariff Targets Includes More Olive Oils From Europe

Dec. 11, 2019
Daniel Dawson

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The United States Trade Rep­re­sen­ta­tive (USTR) is in the process of review­ing the list of Euro­pean Union prod­ucts cur­rently fac­ing tar­iffs as a result of the Air­bus sub­si­dies dis­pute.

Ear­lier this year, the World Trade Orga­ni­za­tion ruled that the E.U. had been ille­gally sub­si­diz­ing Air­bus and approved tar­iffs on a vari­ety of goods exported from Ger­many, Spain, the United King­dom and France to the U.S.

The USTR is now con­sid­er­ing whether to increase, decrease or remove tar­iffs on agri­cul­tural and man­u­fac­tur­ing goods that are cur­rently on the list. Among these prod­ucts are bot­tled Span­ish olive oils and some types of French and Span­ish table olives, both of which have a 25-per­cent import duty imposed on them.

The USTR has also attached an addi­tional list of goods and is seek­ing com­ment on whether tar­iffs should be imposed on these prod­ucts as well. Bulk and pack­aged olive oils from Spain, Italy, Por­tu­gal, Greece and France are on the new list.

The USTR is accept­ing pub­lic com­ments on the mat­ter until Jan­u­ary 13. At the time of writ­ing, how­ever, the USTR had not announced whether it would hold pub­lic hear­ings on the mat­ter.


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